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What are L.Y.F.E. Chat Webinars?

L.Y.F.E. Chats are an opportunity for you to get some personal time with a professional in the career field of your choice. It’s an opportunity for you to get some insider information before you lock yourself into a career path that you think you may like. Here’s how it works! You select the profession, the date, and time available. Once you have reserved your spot in that session your will be sent a link to the session. Simply, click on the link on the scheduled time and there will be a live professional ready to give you information about that career you want to know about. It’s like getting insider trader secrets! Check out our Monthly Calendar.

  • January: Social Services
  • February: Law
  • March: Education
  • April: Professional Sports
  • May: Trades Schools
  • June: Architecture/Agriculture
  • July: Health & Beauty
  • August: Entertainment
  • September: Business
  • October: Medical
  • November: Government
  • December: S.T.E.M.
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Darnika Riley, Engineer in AZ:

Challenge LYFE is an fantastic idea and will be a great asset the S.T.E.M. society

Pamela Neal, AZ:

This is a Wonderful Idea, I’m Excited about how it will help our communities

Genene Dyer, Lawyer in AZ:

I’m so proud of the work this organization is doing for our youth and young adults

Lisa Pigott, RN in AZ:

This is absolutely amazing and so needed

Dr. Marvin Borsand, Cosmetic Surgeon AZ:

I’m Just happy to be a part of  this magnificent work and help the youth

Major(Ret) USAF Dr. Michele Thomas:

We need more organizations like this one

Lavinia Homles, Cosmetologist AZ:

I Love mentoring youth and young adults and I’m so glad there is finally an organization that understand how to make it easy for me to do it

Natasha Williams J.D., Event Planner AZ:

Im so proud of the work they do

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